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Why do the Police Recruit People with Criminal Records?

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Why do the Police Recruit People with Criminal Records? …

Quite simply because there is a talented pool of people who have criminal records and who also apply for work with the police.

Ex-offenders are discriminated against because of negative stereotyping, and it is not too difficult to deduct that  there is real untapped potential among people with criminal records. The police see this day in and day out.

It is good recruitment practice for all employers to select the best candidate for the job and to risk assess the relevance of any convictions that the candidate has.

I doubt anybody can argue that the police are well placed to conduct such risk assessments and err very much on the side of caution (forgive the pun) when they decide to Recruit With Conviction.  Recruiting in this way demonstrates just how inclusive the police have become in recent years, especially in light of all of the recent publicity. It also provides good value for the public purse!




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