Adviser Workshops

The Apply With Conviction course is especially tailored for key workers who provide support to people with convictions.

Potentially half of all unemployed people have previous criminal convictions and this excludes most petty driving offences. Therefore employment barriers and solutions relating to criminal convictions must be part of a core skill set for all professionals who working in employability services – not just advisers working in prisons.

Our extensive experience in supporting people with criminal records to employment as well as their employers, gives our workshop facilitators an ideal perspective on what works. Beyond this each workshop acts as part of an ongoing action research project which helps to develop best practice in line with changing labour markets.

Apply WIth Conviction is a full day workshop and has 3 modules

The Criminal Record:

  • What is it and how it impacts job search?
  • Barriers to employment for people with a criminal record.
  • Myths and misconceptions of job search with a criminal record
  • Why employers Recruit With Conviction.


The legislative background:

  • A practical guide to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 and exemptions as amended. England Wales and Scotland
  • Disclosure and Barring Service, Protecting Vulnerable Groups.

Supporting job search – What works now:

  • The conviction relevance paradox and the right person for the right job.
  • The new labour market and effective disclosure processes.
  • Why, when, what and how to disclose a criminal record to get the job – and keep it.

By the end of the course participants will be able to use the “Apply With Conviction” approach to support people with a criminal record to employment.

The programme builds on an evidence base of what works and the requirement to adapt advice based on the aspirations, attitude and aptitude of each individual as well as their unique offending background.

The programme does not promise illusionary silver bullets – supporting people with criminal convictions to sustainable employment is hard work, needing imagination and integrity.

However by using the “Apply With Conviction” approach for people with criminal records, participants will maximise the opportunity them to compete for jobs and minimise the likelihood of bad advice and unintended negative consequences.

To book on to the training, or to find more information, please contact or call 0208 133 7749

Participant comments:
“10/10 – Excellent, very enjoyable. I learnt so much and I will become a better worker”

“I would recommend to colleagues, managers, service managers and commissioners – everyone in fact!”

“Tested some previous learning and gave me new ideas to broach with clients”

“Very informative. Gave good ideas on how to approach clients to discuss criminality”

“Facilitators very knowledgeable”

“Really enjoyed this training and found it very interesting. Good understanding about convictions and applying for jobs. Feel confident to use this information”

“This is an excellent and relevant course. I have learnt some valuable techniques for working with clients with convictions. Feel more knowledgeable”

“Just the right balance of presentation/exercises”