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What is Recruit With Conviction?

What is Recruit With Conviction?

Recruit With Conviction is the national campaign to promote safe and effective recruitment of people with criminal records.

Our purpose

  • Business benefits from access to the untapped potential and talent which exists among people with convictions.
  • Community benefits from reduced crime.
  • Individuals benefit from the hope and opportunities that a job brings.

Recruit With Conviction consultants provide vast experience of business, criminal justice and employability support to provide a professional service within a tried and tested model which has been operating since 1998.

The experience of our consultants is transnational and includes work with FTSE 100 companies and public authorities.

The Recruit With Conviction model is more than an element Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy, it also provides you with a competitive advantage by fully embracing diversity and giving you access to a pool of talent which is overlooked by others.

Recruit With Conviction Ltd is a not for profit company registered in Scotland. Please use the feedback form below to get in touch.