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How DHL Supply Chain works successfully with ex-offenders

How DHL Supply Chain works successfully with ex-offenders. See link for full article in Personnel Today for DHL Supply Team who won the Employee Engagement Award, sponsored by Harvey Nash, at the 2011 Personnel Today Awards.

Deutsch: Logo DHL Exel Supply Chain
Deutsch: Logo DHL Exel Supply Chain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“A critical part of the process was educating DHL recruits about prisoners, dispelling the myths and stereotypes that surround them”

“All DHL employees working on the contract were required to attend prisoner-awareness training, delivered by professionals from the prison service.”

“Interestingly, no colleagues have refused to work with prisoners on the contract. Understandably, in the early days, a small number of colleagues were nervous about working directly with ex-offenders. This was managed through coaching and attendance on prisoner-awareness training.”

“One¬†concern raised in response to Clarke’s efforts to get companies to employ more ex-offenders is that, with unemployment levels still high, they could be taking jobs away from non-offenders struggling to gain employment.

However, Hopkinson stresses that offenders are not given priority over regular applicants.”

In other words DHL recruits the best person for the job but will assess the risks of any unspent convictions. Well done DHL! Good safe recruitment practice opening the door for real untapped potential for your business. #RecruitWithConviction

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